I am just another individual who is trying to write his own thoughts and feelings by following a rational definition of being a “Human Being”. Looking behind, I have spent 25 years of my life in a struggle for excellence, a struggle to be ahead of time and finally I found out, the struggle is a never ending story. As I reflect on my life, I have so many things to cheer for, my family, a few but sincere friends and my accomplishments that I have achieved through all these years. Life is a teacher and I am just an average student, trying to learn from the chapters of life which I guess are comprised of infinite words with infinite proportions. Besides being an engineer, throughout these years my love and interest for current affairs, sports and music has never faded away. I have always had a dream to contribute something to my people and my society that can make this world a cherished place to be in…

The author is an IT Professional based in London, UK and believes that the glass is half full. He can be reached at ahsan.rana@msn.com


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