Cricket Spot Fixing Verdict – 2nd side of the Story

Pakistani Players Sentenced for spot-fixing

Talat Hussain speaks to Zulfiqar Butt, father of Salman Butt regarding the Spot-Fixing trial verdict.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It is worth listening to the 2nd side of the story before making your opinion public… So, what is your opinion about the decision and the involvement of our players??


Chronicles of JT Hall of Shame – John Terry can’t be Racist – He is English !

JT - Hall of Shame

Just to be clear .. There is no other team I hate more than Chelsea ( yes Liverpool & Arsenal you are still in my top 3 but not being discussed here… :D) They define the word HATE for me. I hate everything they represent !!

Defending his captain, the Stamford Bridge boss AVB has said the club fully backs Terry, noting that he is a ‘player of great responsibility’ – ” oh yes we have certainly established that fact from his last scandal when Wayne Bridge was at the receiving end of his “Responsible Actions”.

Terry has categorically denied abusing Ferdinand during the west London derby on Sunday 23rd October – but then he always denies what he does wrong and then gets embarrassed by the media.. Here are a few of his “Responsible Actions”

1. 9/11
John Terry was fined two weeks wages by Chelsea after a drinking session with team mates Jody Morris, Frank Lampard and Eidur Gudjohnsen at a Heathrow hotel which culminated in the harassment of American tourists at a Heathrow hotel in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on New York. The players embarked on their binge after their game against Levski Sofia had been called off out of respect to the victims of the terrorist attack.

2. Assault and Affray
In January 2002 Terry was arrested for affray while out celebrating the birth of team-mate Jody Morris’ first child. The pair was held overnight at Belgravia police station and questioned over an alleged attack on a male receptionist, before eventually being cleared of all charges – and all this just thirty-six hours before an away game at Norwich City!

3. Gambling

The Chelsea captain was one of several high-profile players exposed by numerous tabloid newspapers as being heavily involved in horse racing. Tabloids speculated that Terry, amongst others, was spending tens of thousands of pounds at a time on the horses at a bookmakers near the Chelsea training ground in Cobham. Although soon after the story broke, John Terry signed a new contract worth £130,000 per week with the West London club, somewhat dwarfing the severity of money laid down at the bookies!

4. Respect

Despite being a key figure in publicising the Premier League’s new ‘Respect’ campaign aimed towards increasing the respect shown to referees by footballers on the field, John Terry has emerged as one of the key violators of it. Chelsea have been fined for failing to control their players a number of times in the past few seasons (At Loftus Road after the QPR game as well), and Chelsea’s display of dissent against the famously incompetent referee Tom Henning Ovrebo after their Champions League exit to Barcelona did little to improve their public image.

5. Infidelity 🙂
The Chelsea ace has apparently been caught stepping out on his wife Toni Poole by the tabloid press a number of times despite being quoted saying “I’ve never cheated on Toni and I never would.” John Terry was later quoted saying “I really regret what I’ve done to Toni. I’ve misbehaved and slept with girls behind her back and that’s not right. She knows about it all now and we’re moving on. I’m not going to cheat on her ever again.” >>>> HA HA HA !!

6. Paparazzi Attacks

No good celebrity should go without a good paparazzi attack, and the same is allegedly true of John Terry and some Chelsea teammates who clashed with a photographer outside a restaurant on Fulham Road in October 2007. The photographer called the police claiming the Chelsea players had prevented him from taking photographs and damaged his scooter before disappearing before the police arrived.

7. Spitting?

An uncertain entry in to the John Terry Hall of Shame. Did he? Didn’t he? No one really knows but we’re not going to get 10 without scraping the barrel! After Didier Drogba’s moronic red card for a slap on Nemanja Vidic in the Champions League Final in 2008, John Terry was seen delivering angry words and possibly more towards Carlos Tevez as the Argentinian was being booked. >> HE CERTAINLY DID !!

8. Fraud
Well, not really, but according to the Sun the England defender was questioned over an expensive wedding gift given by a convicted fraudster who made hundreds of thousands of pounds by forging famous sports stars signatures and selling them on to unsuspecting supporters.

9. Speeding Fine

The England captain was caught by police speed cameras taking his Bentley for a spin at a despicable 63mph in a 50mph zone. The £130,000 per week defender was given three points on his license and had to pay a costly £300 in costs and fines.

10. Parking in a Disabled Bay
In 2008 John Terry, while taking his family out for dinner at a Pizza Express restaurant at Esher in Surrey, parked his Bentley in a disabled bay and was promptly fined £60. At time of press, the FBI and MI5 had no comment to make on this story >>> HA HA HA !!

11. Cockney Cry Baby

Probably the most influential skill on JT’s resume is that “He cries every time he slips” >> Oh yes !! I am talking about what you are thinking right now !!

Oh No I bottled it !!

Assassination of Gaddafi – Its not about the Civilian Population !

A Brutal, Gratuitous Slaying, the New World Order in All Its Transparent Barbarism

The squalid demise of Gaddafi is reminiscent of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. He too was at one time feted by Western leaders when, like Gaddafi, it suited their self-serving interests. But when their mercurial interests dictated, he too was crushed and discarded. Like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein was captured and dragged from a hole in the ground. But at least in the case of Saddam, the Western powers felt obliged to go through a sham court prosecution before he was lynched. No longer, it seems, are Western governments restrained by sham niceties in their method of discarding opponents. A bullet to the head on the side of the road will do.


As some European leaders demonstrate a celebratory mood over the violent death of Colonel Gaddafi, they are no less terrorists themselves.

We can all see how Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State expresses it in this interview and starts laughing !

International consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi has said that Gaddafi’s death was undoubtedly a message for the whole world, as it is not just about Libya.

Undoubtedly, This is a message to the world of how this new world order model is actually going to work. When they decide to change the regime, they do so with the utmost violence, and it is a whole model. First they target a country by calling it a rogue state; then they support local terrorists and call them freedom fighters; then they bring death and destruction upon civilians and they call it UN sanctions. Then they spread lies and call it the International Community’s opinion expressed by the Western media. Then they invade and control the country and call it liberation and finally they steal appetizing oil and call it foreign investment and reconstruction.

At the moment Western powers are hailing a democratic future for Libya. When Saddam Hussein was captured in 2003 the US also thought it was all over – but it had only just begun. And according to Salbuchi, it is going to be the same, or even worse, for Libya.

“I think one of the reasons why Gaddafi’s country has been invaded and he has been killed is because he had plans to introduce the gold dinar as a golden currency that could very easily have become a major currency at least in North Africa and in the oil market,” he said.

His murder marks the lawlessness and barbarity with which Western governments are now overtly operating in pursuit of their foreign policy objectives.

We should not forget that Libya has the ninth-largest oil reserve in the world and the main oil reserve in all of Africa, so I think this definitely smells of oil and greed on the part of Western companies. They are just using this to justify they have supported the worst terrorists probably because in the White House and Palais de l’Élysée in France, and at 10 Downing Street, we also have very high-class terrorists and mafias running those countries and the better part of the world.

The world should know that US, France, Britain and NATO should be held accountable for the sectarian violence, should it take place in Libya.

When we consider what Israel has got away with, being as it is under Washington’s bought protection–the war crimes, the murders of children, the eviction in total disregard of international law of Palestinians from their ancestral homes, the bulldozing of their houses and uprooting of their olive groves in order to move in fanatical “settlers,” the murderous invasions of Lebanon and Gaza, the wholesale slaughter of civilians – we can only conclude that Washington, Israel’s enabler, can get away with far more.

In Pakistan or for that matter in any country, Libya included, there is always about a half of the population that is against the ongoing government. Should they also be invading Greece because of the way they are handling their own internal divisions?

A rebel-assisted victory in Libya will not mark the end of NATO’s interest in the country . This is just the beginning and part of global regime change. This means orange alert for Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador and definitely red alert for Syria and Iran. This is the kind of democracy US, France and Britain want for the whole world.

Gaddafi modeled himself after Omar MukhtarThe Lion of the Desert, the only other man who has led a genuine, independent Libyan resistance, fighting against a brutal Italian colonization in 1927. Yet, the media tells us he’s just another dead tyrant. Although I believe that he was not a perfect man and condemned his dictatorship, what I saw was sad. I know he spent a luxurious life while the people of Libya suffered under his 42-year-long regime but he was not a rat, he was a human being! I know he tortured the people of Libya and even hanged some of them in Benghazi. He used to move with a 40-member contingent of women bodyguards handpicked by him….

But are those, who killed him in cold blood after capturing him, really any better than him?

Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman – A Pride of Pakistan, A FIRST EVER Muslim to have a genome mapped

Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman is a house-hold name for every Pakistani who has had the chance to go to a Higher Education Institute in Pakistan. He is best known as the man who proved to be a ray of bright light at the end of a dark long tunnel for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis like me to pursue their educational dreams in Universities and Colleges across Pakistan and around the globe.

There is a long list of achievements that can be listed against Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman. He is a leading scientist and scholar in the field of Organic Chemistry with over 840 Publications in the field of his expertise including 663 Research Publications, 18 Patents, 103 Books and more than 50 Chapters in books published by major U.S and European Press Institutes.

He is 1 of the only 4 Muslim scientists to have been elected as a Fellow of Royal Society, London. He has been conferred honorary doctorate degrees by many universities around the world and been awarded countless awards for his contribution towards Science & Technology.

However, the most distinguished award to date for this son of the soil is that he has become FIRST EVER MUSLIM man to have a genome mapped. He is the 3rd one amongst the list of globally renowned people whose genomes have been mapped by scientists. With this historic achievement Pakistan has become the 6th country working on the genome projects and joined the ranks of few countries – U.S, UK, China, Japan and India – which have successfully sequenced human genome.

This is a moment of great pride for us that Pakistan has proved itself as the leader of Muslim Ummah once again in the Field of Science & Technology as this project was completed by Pakistani scientists at a cost of approx. $40,000 in just 10 months with China contributing $20,000 towards the project, whereas the genome of first American was mapped at a cost of $6bn, across a 10 year period.

It is pertinent to mention here that the research team, who mapped the genome, consisted of Dr Kamran Azim, Assistant Professor in the Dr Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research and Dr Yong Zhang, head of the genomics department at the Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen, China, one of the leading authorities in genomics.

Dr Kamran Azim has acknowledged the fact that the complete Pakistani genome has been sequenced for the first time, and that this research will improve the diagnosis of disease, while the earlier detection of genetic predispositions to diseases will also be a benefit of this research. He said, “The new thing in the study was the technique which can trace back a mutation to the specific parent. We are still studying the actual genome data itself and how the genetic differences we identified may predispose this particular individual to certain diseases”.

In Pakistan we are brought up in an environment and culture where becoming a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist or a Lawyer is the best one can achieve. There are a selected few who go the Armed Forces to protect their Mother Land but these Doctors, Engineers & Scientists are the selected ones who are equipping Pakistan with the latest inventions and discoveries and making the Country a growing hub for technological advancements.

I hope that this milestone helps us strengthen the hopes that all is not lost for us as Pakistanis and there is still a long way to go forward.

May Allah Bless my PAKISTAN with more people like Dr Atta-Ur-Rehman who can follow his lead and become the FIRST EVERs in their respective fields of expertise. Aameen!!